June 2020

  • Our lab’s collaboration work with Prof. Yoosik Kim’s lab on developing reactive polymer targeting dsRNA as universal virus detection platform was highlighted by several news media.생명화학공학과_김유식_리생_교수_연구실_01
  • Inho and Jeehae successfully defended their PhD thesis. Congratulations to Dr. Kim and Dr. Shin!
  • Jinsol defended her MS thesis. She will continue her PhD research in the Li lab.

May 2020

Jaemin won 2020 석박사 모험연구. He will be working on 활성 폴리(펜타플루오로페닐 아크릴레이트) 블록 공중합체 기반의 고성능 CO2 포집 멤브레인.

March 2020

Our lab welcomes new Master student Hong Jeehyun!


  • Minji won 2019 석박사 모험연구!
  • Our lab attended KICHE in April 2019!

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  • Jeehae won 우수포스터상 in 2019 추계 고분자 학술 대회!

March 2019

Our lab welcomes one new Ph.D. student, Jihyo Kil, and two new Master students, Kwanghee Lee and Chanwoo Lee!

December 2018

Yeonji successfully defended her M.S. thesis! Best of luck to Yeonji at LG Chem 🙂

August 2018

      • We welcome a new Master student Jinsol Shin!
      • Dr. Sheng Li gave a presentation, and our Ph. D student Jeehae Shin did a poster presentation at 2018 ACS conference in BostonKakaoTalk_20180821_093019392

May 2018

Congratulations to Sura Kim and Yeonji Choe for winning 2018 석박사 모험연구!

March 2018

One new graduate student Jaemin Park joined our group!

August 2017
Many congratulations are in order for the Li Lab!

      • Professor Li received the World Economic Forum Young Scientist Award
      • Graduate student Jeehae Shin received the prestigious Global PhD Fellowship from the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF)
      • We also welcome three new graduate students: Sura Kim, Younghun Kim, and Minhee Lee!

July 2017

Our group welcomes 3 new undergraduates, 박중언, 이광희, Anar Amgalan to work in the lab this summer !

June 2017
We had our first lab MT on June 30th, 2017. Summer is officially here !

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May 2017
Jeehae Shin won 2017년 공과대학 석박사 모험연구. Congratulation !